Career Management Resources LLC

Career Management Strategies for Your Success

Are you tired of…

Not knowing where to start with your job search?

Answering on-line ads without any responses?

Chasing down job opportunities that turn out to be dead-ends?

Not finding the right decision-makers?

Having a resume that gets buried in a pile on a recruiter’s desk?

Finally getting an interview only to totally blow it?

Then you needCareer Management Strategies for Your Successto provide you with everything you need to succeed in today’s tough employment market.  Our Career Management Program will put YOU back in charge of your career and show you how to succeed in all of these areas and more.

Take advantage of EXCLUSIVE INSIDER TIPS AND STRATEGIES gained from my knowledge and expertise, which includes over 30 years of corporate Human Resources Management and Leadership experience with companies of all sizes – small, medium, and Fortune 100.

My corporate experience has been in both field operations and corporate headquarters, including 8 years as the Vice-President of Human Resources and also managing Human Resources in a 9 state regional start-up operation growing from 45 to over 150 employees in 18 months.

I also spent over 5 years as an Executive Recruiter (better known as a “Headhunter”) and have interviewed thousands of candidates for positions at almost every level. I know how the hiring process works.

Our program will enable you to:

  • Assess your needs, skills, and strengths, and then show you the necessary steps to meet your goals.
  • Determine your most marketable accomplishments that make you stand out from the rest of your competition.
  • Develop a personal strategic marketing plan.
  • Prepare a Professional Resume to obtain interviews.
  • Learn how to identify prospects and find decision-makers.
  • Be totally prepared and confident for any interview.

Proven experience indicates that career search programs that are organized and controlled tend to be more successful, quicker, and produce more options and choices.

Our step-by-step program will provide you with all of the necessary tools, resources, and guidance you need for the successful management of your career.  Our program includes the following:

  1. Personal Assessment
  2. Establishing Career Goals
  3. Professional Resume Preparation
  4. Successful Career Management Strategies
  5. Preparing For the Interview
  6. The Interview
  7. Obtaining and Evaluating Job Offers
  8. Conducting Regular Career Assessments
  9. Forms for Record Keeping

You will not find a more complete and comprehensive program anywhere to successfully manage your career!

I challenge you to find a better investment in your career (or any other part of your life for that matter)!

Contact me, Rick Lane (, today to take control of your career and get on the track to success!