Career Management Resources LLC

HR Executive Resources

HR Executive Resources (a new division of Career Management Resources, LLC) provides customized Human Resources Executive Consulting and Coaching Services that help individuals, teams, and corporations succeed.  HR Executive Resources is led by Rick Lane who has over 30 years of corporate and consulting experience as a Human Resources Executive including 8+ years as the V.P. of Human Resources.  We are positioned to be able to move quickly and effectively and are always focusing on getting the best results for our clients.  We specialize and perform best in challenging environments, turnaround situations, or what others may perceive as a “crisis mode”.  We truly enjoy getting the problem calls and helping people take advantage of opportunities leading to their overall success.

If you would like to have a proven, experienced, practical H.R. Executive available to you and your team when you need help with…

  • Executive Leadership Coaching for Success
  • Strategic “Fixer”: Successfully Manage “Crisis” or Challenging Situations
  • Defining and Driving a Culture of Success throughout Organizations
  • Executive Recruiting: Strategy and Execution for Success
  • Performance Management Programs for a Culture of Success

Contact me at or (317) 846-8021